Your kid's safety is our priority and concern!

In keeping with the State of Louisiana's health and safety parameters, Espanola is in full compliance with Social Distancing Rules. Therefore, there cannot be groups larger than five children at a time.

Adults are required to wear masks when dropping off or picking up the kids.

All Espanola personnel are required to wear masks and gloves if handling foods. However, while the pandemic persists all cooking lessons will be put on hold. If a child has a dietary need that requires keeping a schedule,  parental approval and/or supervision will be required.

Any material provided to children for purposes of teaching will be brand new if possible. However, any materials that can be reused, such as books, will be sanitized continuously. 

While providing services at a school, Espanola will be in full compliance and up to speed with their internal rules and regulations. 

For parents' convenience, we can go to your own home, special prices apply for more than one child. 

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